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Local Business Popping

Local consumers want to shop with people they know and trust. This could be shopping with a well known brand, or a brand that is endorsed by a celebrity, or with a local business that they personally know.

This is also true when it comes to online shopping. This is why local SEO is so important, as you want your local business popping up at the top of any relevant online searches by your local consumers, as this will most likely result in them clicking through to your business.

However, do your local consumers really know you? They might know your brand, and they might have even shopped with you once or twice. But the real connection will start to develop when the consumer gets to know the people behind the brand. This includes you as the owner, and also your staff.

All too often I see business operators that are too shy or afraid to get in front of a camera to either take a photo or record a video. I can understand the hesitation, as I feel the same, but if you want to connect with your local customers you need to put yourself out there.

Often this hesitation will come from people thinking that they are not funny enough, or they are too introverted or they have nothing interesting to say. However, none of these things need to be a barrier. All you need to do is be you! Let YOUR personality come through, whatever that is. Let customers see the real you, and let them see the passion you have for your business.

It is likely the case that the first few times you do this it is going to be a bit awkward, and even a bit cringe worthy. If that is going to be a problem for you, then maybe look to start small, i.e. post a Snapchat video, or a simple Facebook post. Consumers will get to see a small glimpse of who you are and then the content can drift away. Once you get more comfortable you might like to start experimenting with some platforms that have a longer lasting impression.

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