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Trying to change human behaviour is not a simple task, and you will be a very optimistic person to think that every idea you implement is going to reap the rewards you desire. I am one of those optimistic people who think that most ideas are going to change the world, and have failed to see many of these ideas even get off the ground. Being optimistic I think can be both a blessing and a curse!

​What I have learned from personal experience though, is that if you want to make something successful, particularly when small businesses and everyday consumers are involved, you have to make it easy. And by this I mean ‘easy’ in every way possible. Any barrier to purchase is going to push people away from your idea, and pushes you further away from success.

Shop Local Ideas
Local businesses always need to be looking at ways to advance their offering.

If you ever feel that an idea you have is bordering on asking too much of either businesses, consumers or the community as a whole, then more than likely you are going to run into problems. Therefore, you need to put each of your shop local ideas to this test before you even start to implement them.

It is often going to be hard to simplify every part of your shop local idea, but I would suggest at least breaking down each component of the idea and then considering all the alternative approaches that you can take. Every part of the process that requires someone to do something that you can remove, the more likely you will get uptake of your idea.

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