Regional Development Groups

Since launching our first gift card program in 2010, Why Leave Town has worked with a myriad of local councils, business chambers and regional development groups in every state in Australia. 

Ensuring that we partner with a group on the local level has been absolutely pivotal for us as well roll-out community gift card programs around the country. As the old saying goes, nothing quite beats word of mouth marketing or local knowledge!

Why Leave Town provides everything a community needs to kick off and maintain a gift card program, but there would be no success without any appetite on the local level. We’ve always believed to be able to effectively communicate with local business owners and the community, it’s always best to have someone local telling the story — a familiar face driving the ‘shop local’ message. 

Video: the team behind Moreton Money have created a great video that really shows the impact the local gift card has in the community.  

Naturally we were incredibly excited to assist with the roll-out of a region wide gift card program in Moreton Bay. A collaboration between Moreton Bay Regional Council and six business chambers, it’s safe to say there’s plenty of appetite for local spending in the region. With over 300 businesses eligible to take part, it’s definitely the largest program we’ve launched from the outset.

Chambers of commerce participating in the Moreton Money program cover Caboolture, North Lakes, Pine Rivers, Redcliffe, Samford and The Hills & Districts, with Moreton Bay Regional Council and Why Leave Town supporting the chambers with the roll-out. 

Mayor Peter Flannery said the Moreton Money program would keep more money in the region, encouraging local purchases, building a sense of community and instilling regional pride.

“With one of these Moreton Money EFTPOS cards, you can buy goods in any participating business that’s part of the program and keep local money inside the Moreton Bay region,” he said.

“This means the money and jobs stays local. The gift cards can be used more than once, across multiple businesses, and are the perfect gift for those ‘hard to buy for’ friends and family members.

“The gift cards are valid for three years, so there is plenty of time to support businesses adversely affected by the pandemic, flood events, staff shortages, supply chain issues and a loss of customers.

“Council has been encouraging residents to eat, drink, shop, play and spend at – and back – local businesses, so Moreton Money takes this one step further to increase patronage at participating shops, eateries, nurseries. Literally the local butcher, baker and candle stick maker.

“Council has also marked the first anniversary of joining the Queensland Small Business Friendly Council initiative, representing a commitment to continue supporting growth, resilience and innovation across our small businesses.

“Small businesses are at the heart of our local economy, so when small business succeeds, we all succeed – they are more likely to use local suppliers, hire locals, and create local opportunities.”

Congratulations to team #MoretonMoney on a great looking campaign that collaborates with so many different local groups. Why Leave Town is proud to partner with everyone in the region and we look forward to celebrating your success.

Regional Development Groups

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