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Having problems with your card? Let us help...

1. Are you using the card at one of our participating stores? You can't just use our cards anywhere...that's the whole point! Full list here

2. Do you have enough money left on your card? Check balance here

3. Has your card expired? Check expiry here

4. Are you using the card in the town linked to that card?  The cards only work in the regions they were purchased...i.e. Why Leave Town!!


Help someone in need with a
Why Leave Town Gift Card.

Many communities across Australia are suffering right now due to floods, drought, bush fires, covid-19 and other situations.  By clicking on the donation image you can purchase a gift card to help someone in need.
These will be distributed by local organisations (i.e. council, Lions, Rotary, etc) within the town you select that currently have the Why Leave Town Gift Card Network.
Donating via Why Leave Town Gift Cards, means that this money is then spent in local stores who are also suffering during this time. 
Click on this video link to see how your donation will have a multiplying impact on these communities:

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