Community Gift Card Australia

Introducing Apple Pay. The newest way to Shop Local.

Paying is easy. And fast.

With Apple Pay, you can pay quickly and easily with your WLT card right from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Private. Secure. That’s Apple Pay.

Apple Pay uses the security features built into your Apple device, including Face ID and Touch ID—which are designed so only you can authorize payments.

Hands full? Use Apple Pay with your Apple Watch.

With Apple Pay, it’s fast and easy to pay with your Apple Watch. Simply hold your Apple Watch up to the card reader

How to add a card

Apple Pay is here and available on all your Apple devices. To get started, open Apple Wallet on your iPhone or Apple Watch, or select Wallet & Apple Pay in System Preferences on your iPad or Mac. Now you’re just a few taps away from using Apple Pay with your Why Leave Town Gift Card.

How to use in-store

With iPhone, double-click the side button, authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode, then hold your device near the reader to pay. With Apple Watch, just double-click the side button, then hold your device near the reader to finish your purchase.

Where to use

You can now pay with your WLT card at any Why Leave Town participating business where you see or the  symbol at checkout —it’s easy with Apple Pay.