See some of our podcasts from year’s past below. We’re looking forward to jumping back here and releasing some new podcasts soon!

Episode 11: A Welcoming Way to Encourage Local Shopping

Ashley Watt from Why Leave Town talks with Kristyn Akacich of Cloncurry Shire Council and Lorene Chandler of the Cloncurry Local Business Network about their welcome pack concept for new residents and how they are using this to encourage local shopping.

Episode 10: Secrets to a Successful Shop Local Gift Card Program

Ash Watt from Why Leave Town has helped setup local gift card program all across Australia and in this episode he shares his experience around what makes a successful program.

Episode 9: Using local procurement to tackle both social and economic issues

Ashley Watt talks with Elaine Carbines from G21 about the GROW initiative, and how they identified an opportunity to boost the local economy through local procurement, and at the same time create jobs for locals.

Episode 8: How virtual tours can engage local shoppers

Ashley Watt from Why Leave Town talks to Marc Charette of Work Pics 360 about how any business can use 360 degree virtual tours to engage with prospective customers.

Episode 7: Creating a Customer Culture with Justin Herald

The customer is king, and no-one knows that better than one of Australia’s most influential business personalities, Justin Herald. In this episode he talks with Ashley Watt about how this fits into encouraging local shopping.

Episode 6: Luring locals with an appetite

Ash Watt of Why Leave Town talks with Rhys Gard, a communications expert whose love of food sent him down the path of becoming a chef and multiple restaurant owner and operator. In this podcast he talks about how he has combined the two in order to engage local shoppers.

Episode 5: Using Facebook Live Videos to Promote Shopping Locally

Ashley Watt and Natasha Coffey from Why Leave Town talk about overcoming fears of doing live video in order to help promote your business to local shoppers.

Episode 4: Staying Ahead Of The Game

In this podcast, Ashley Watt from Why Leave Town talks about the importance of staying in line with your customer’s needs and wants, or better still staying ahead of customers in this regard.

Episode 3: Don’t hide behind your business

In this podcast, Ashley Watt from Why leave Town talks about the importance of creating a personal brand when trying to encourage local shopping.

Episode 2: Building a shop local culture

In this podcast, Ashley Watt of Why Leave Town goes through his 9 steps of how to create a shop local culture.

Episode 1: Why Shop Local

A lot of businesses and communities promote shopping locally, but why should we? Ashley Watt from Why Leave Town talks about the many reasons why we should be encouraging people to shop local.

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