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Rapid Antigen Test Kits


Through our sister company JA Smith Solutions (see below for more details), Why Leave Town has been able to secure 200 boxes (25 test kits per box) of CLUGENE COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits.  We are making these available exclusively to businesses in the Why Leave Town network for use by business owners, operators and staff so that we can try and help to reduce staff shortages due to Covid-19. 

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Why Leave Town was founded by Ashley Watt and Justin Smith back in 2007, and continues to be owned by these two partners.  Justin has also been working in the industrial supplies business since he left school back in 1998.  In particular, Justin has been heavily involved in supporting the Australian cotton ginning industry for the bulk of his career.  In 2018 Justin launched his own business JA Smith Solutions ( which originally was planned to focus mainly on the cotton ginning industry, however due to the drought soon diversified into several other markets.

As an industrial supplies operation, JA Smith Solutions has long standing relationships with several PPE suppliers, and it is through these connections that the Rapid Antigen Test Kits have been sourced.  JA Smith Solutions is currently supplying these to several industrial customers.

Why Leave Town's co-founder Ashley Watt is also heavily involved in the daily running of JA Smith Solutions.

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