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Why Leave Town gift cards are aimed at encouraging local shopping and so can only be spent at participating local businesses.  You cannot use this card in businesses that have not signed up for the program. 
You also cannot use the card in businesses that are in our other Why Leave Town Gift Card Programs. 
The whole idea of the Why Leave Town Gift Card is that it can only be spent in the participating businesses of that town...hence keeping the money local!
Brought to you by Texas & District Drought Support and open to all businesses within Texas.
Below you will see a list of where you can...
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Border Rivers Electrical

Goat Rock

Mitre 10 Texas

SPAR Texas

Texas Butchery

Texas Pumping and Irrigation Supplies

Texas Treats

Young's Variety

Foodworks Texas

Katies Qwik Kutz

Potters Petroleum Pty Ltd

Stockman Hotel

Texas Natural Therapies

Texas Rural Agencies

Texas Tyre Service

Fords Family Store

MacIntyre Gazette

Rustic On High

Tags' Border Garage

Texas Newsagency

Texas Show Society

Wilshire And Co Texas

** Business does not have an Eftpos machine but will accept full card amount as payment.