So, you have the idea, it’s a great one, but you now have realised that you don’t know what to do next.


Everyone at some point will have “A great idea for a business”, maybe you already have yours… but unfortunately for most people that is all that will happen… it will just stay an idea!


Justin Herald has created the ultimate go-to guide on what you need to do to get that idea off the ground. This new HOME COACHING program is designed to take you step by step through the process of taking your idea and starting a business, so you can follow the same path and principles that took Justin’s business from $50 to a global empire.


Not everyone is ready for Justin’s other mentoring programs at the beginning of their business journey so this is why Justin is offering this program.


In your own time, and in your own pace, you can go through the various areas that you need to understand BEFORE launching your business. You might have already launched your business but are wondering why it isn’t working as well as you thought it would, this is also a great program for you as well.


This 4-hour, 8-part, audio program (including work books), all pre-loaded on to a uniquely designed USB will take you through the areas such as:

  • Developing your idea into a business model
  • How to test your idea FIRST to see if it has REAL potential
  • Showing you what YOU need to be ready for
  • Showing you what the rewards and also drawbacks are with launching a business
  • The common mistakes most people make when starting a business and how to avoid them
  • How to get marketing and branding impact in the marketplace FOR FREE
  • Understanding where you as the owner fit in the start-up process
  • The quick start guide to getting your idea to become a business reality


PLUS, an added bonus of Justin’s best-selling audio program “The 5 Senses of an Entrepreneur” for Free is also included!


Justin knows what hurdles you are going to face, and this program will take you step by step through the processes so you too can enjoy the freedom and outcomes that comes with owning a profitable business.


If you are right at the beginning of the Start-Up Business process, then this pre-loaded, uniquely designed, USB is EXACTLY what you need. Just plug it in to your computer, download it and you now have Justin assisting you in your start-up journey.


This program normally sells for $899 but for those who are ready to move forward with their idea Justin has reduced that price down to just $199 (plus postage)



"So you have a great idea for business.. What Now?" USB Stick