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Gift Card Load Up Promotion

The Gift Card Load Up Promotion is designed to boost spend in local businesses over a given period, by incentivising people for shopping locally.

Although this is normally branded as a Christmas promotion, it can be done at any time of the year.  The standard promotion includes 200 cards @ $500 each, however, both of these amounts can be changed to suit your needs.

The main two questions you need to answer before choosing to undertake a promotion like this are:

  1. Will we be able to get enough businesses on board.

  2. Will we be able to sell all of the cards at the given value.

How it works

  • A total of 200 #shoplocal cards are made available to be 'sold' to the public at $500 per card.  We emphasis the word 'sold' as it is not costing the customer anything, i.e. they hand over $500 cash and they receive a gift card valued at $500.

  • At $500 per card, this can generate up to $100,000 of funds that can only be spent at participating stores in your town.

  • Each card purchased will give the purchaser one entry into the prize draw to win a share in $10,000 (paid out in gift cards of course that can only be spent in the participating stores). 

  • The card is an EFTPOS Based Gift Card System – and is operational on any type of Australian EFTPOS system with a swipe option.

  • You approach a number of local stores to participate in the promotion. Their participation cost for the promotion will raise the $10,000 to give away to the winners.

  • WLT recommends a minimum of 30 businesses to participate in the promotion, which will:

    • Give the community a broad range of businesses to use their cards at.

    • Reduce the overall participation cost for local businesses.

  • WLT recommends that the participation cost for your 30 businesses be $424 (incl. GST). This participation cost will cover:

    • $10,000 prize cards.

    • Cost of program, $1,700 (incl. GST).

    • And allow for approx. $1,000 of incidentals (advertising, printing costs, etc.).

  • If you have more or less than 30 businesses, adjust the participation cost accordingly.

  • WLT recommends that you have a minimum of two participating stores that can load the cards, an no more than four.

  • ANY LOAD UP STORES THAT YOU HAVE FOR THE PROMOTION – will need to be able to process more than $500 in their EFTPOS Terminal Refunds per day.

  • The cards can only be redeemed at the businesses participating in the promotion. This means that up to $110,000 remains local!

  • WLT recommends commencing the preparations for this promotion at least 5 months prior to the date you want to draw the winners. This will give you plenty of time to contact businesses, sell cards and ensure the program is a success.

Package Inclusions

  1. 220 Christmas #shoplocal Cards (200 to be sold, 10 for prizes and 10 for any cards lost, stolen or damaged). These cards can be branded as per your requirements.

  2. 1 x Activation Card to be used to setup all participating stores EFTPOS machines.

  3. 4 x #shoplocal Reports. One every three months until end of promotion. Any extra reports requested will be charged at $25 (incl. GST) per report supplied.

  4. Bulk loading of Christmas #shoplocal cards by WLT, if required.

  5. State Trade Promotion Lottery Permit and winner details registration.

  6. Templates for in-store POS posters, flyers and handouts.

  7. Business letter template to send to potential businesses.

  8. Business registration template for participating stores.

  9. Template to record #shoplocal cards ordered / sold.

  10. Tickets for prize draw.

  11. Customer information forms for Load Up Stores.

  12. Load Up Store instruction template on how to load the #shoplocal cards.

  13. Thank you note template to print for each card sold.

  14. Template for a mail drop flyer if required and an instruction template for anyone completing the mail drop.

  15. Participating stores listed on WLT website.

  16. Ability to check card balance via WLT website.

  17. Full support and guidance from the WLT team throughout the time of your promotion.

Package Costs

  • Full package: $1,700 (incl. GST)

  • Above price for Australia only.  If you are located outside of Australia please contact us for a quote.

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