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Business Start Up Packages

Justin Herald is famous around the globe for taking $50 and creating Attitude Inc. a clothing brand that became an International Licensing success.  He is also the Author of 8 International Best Selling Books and speaks at over 100 conferences in Australia and Overseas each year.

Justin is passionate about start-up businesses and is offering 2 different one on one programs to assist the owners of start-ups to get their idea or business up and running in the shortest time possible


Too many people who have great ideas for a business never do anything with those ideas because they have no clue on what to do next. It’s the ones who decide to act on their ideas and surround themselves with the proper experts that will go from the idea phase to the business owner and income generator phase.  This is why you need Justin by your side to get you started and activated.

Justin Herald

Package 1: Help get me started - 4 week program

If you have the idea but don’t know what to do from there then this service is EXACTLY what you need.


Over 4 sessions, Justin will show you how to turn that idea into a business. He will guide you through the set-up process so you have everything set and ready.  Many people mess this stage up purely because they don’t know what they don’t know.  Getting the basics right, right from the start is the most important thing you need to make sure you have done correctly otherwise your future growth will be affected.

Justin will guide you step by step throughout this 4 week program and give you the tools and keys you need to proceed to the next level.  This is a must for anyone who is serious about getting that idea or business working properly.


Having someone like Justin by your side will not only save you time, but will also save you wasted money.  If you have now come to the point that you know you want to get serious about your idea, then NOW is the time to start.


You get 4 x 45-minute sessions.  Normally priced at $1199 but as Justin has a passion for start-ups and understands that cashflow is everything during the start-up process he has reduced that down to $799.

Package 2: Let's do this - 10 week program

If you would like more assistance and want to learn all of what is needed not only to start your business or get your current business working better, and want to make sure you have covered all of areas that need addressing then this is the program for you.


Over the 10 sessions you will cover topics such as:


  • Taking the idea and ensuring it has legs in the marketplace

  • Creating the right structure for your business

  • Trademark

  • Protection of your idea and business name

  • Creating a great marketing campaign without spending a great deal of money

  • Creating ways to grow your business

  • How to use social media to your business advantage

  • Goal setting

  • Potential new products and services

  • Pricing (this one most people get wrong)


And much much more.


So, as you can see this program is jam packed full of practical content that will give you a massive head start.


You get 10 x 45-minute sessions which Justin normally charges established business owners $3000 but once again due to wanting to assist start up entrepreneurs he has reduced that fee to just $1900.

With this program you also get as a free bonus, Justin’s Key to Success USB which has over 18 hours of audio business building programs as well as 1 years subscription to the new ReferUs program to use with your business which turns your customers into referral machines for you. It’s the easiest way to grow a business.

So that’s bonuses worth over $900 FOR FREE!!!!! (only available with the “let’s do this” program)

To book or find out more information on any of the packages above, simply fill out the form below.

Thanks for your enquiry. Someone will be in touch with you soon.

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