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Customer Culture Packages

Justin Herald is famous around the globe for taking $50 and creating Attitude Inc. a clothing brand that became an International Licensing success.  He is also the Author of 8 International Best Selling Books and speaks at over 100 conferences in Australia and Overseas each year.

Justin has a passion for assisting business owners and staff take their business and skills to the next level. That is why he created Customer Culture.


The secret of his success with his companies is great customer service and that is what he wants to assist you with. Justin certainly has the runs on the board when it comes to not only growing businesses but also how to educate staff in the art of servicing customers and creating lifelong clients. Customer Culture offers the below packages for businesses wanting to improve their customer service levels.

Justin Herald

Package 1: Frontline staff half day workshop

  • Throughout the workshop the participants discover how the customer actually thinks and what they expect.

  • Participants will learn how to deal with difficult customers.

  • How to overcome objections.

  • How to use the customer as a sales person.

  • How to change the culture within the department and business.

  • Evolution not Revolution with regards to customer service.

  • Understanding the issues that are present within the current service culture.

  • How to increase per customer sales by implementing the ME Factor system.

  • How to keep customers loyal and stop them shopping around online and potentially losing the customer to your competitors.

Package 2: On floor mentoring package

  • This training package is by far the most popular as it is 100% tailored to your business. This tailored approach means that Justin can work with your staff a lot more closely than the normal classroom type programs.

  • The On Floor Mentoring Package consists of each staff member completing a customer service personality questionnaire which will highlight any issues that may have been missed and Justin spending one on one time with each of your staff working with them to understand where each staff member is at with regards to the customer and what areas need attention. This is proving very valuable for the owners and management of businesses as Justin can get to the core issues staff may have with serving the customer as well as any issues selling to customers.

  • After spending time with the staff members Justin then debriefs the Business owner / management team on the areas that need attention and the tools that will be needed.

  • This package takes 3 – 4 hours.

Package 3: Sales floor staff pre work session

  • Phantom shopping experience to gain the current customers experience Identify and produce improvements to the customer culture to be implemented at the staff session.

  • Pre or post work workshop, 30-45min pending staff availability to identify improvements and introduce new customer culture systems.

  • Post workshop assistance to ensure new customer culture is implemented involving watching and coaching staff as required.

  • A summary of the staff who attended and identify strengths and struggles for future staff training.

Package 4: Tailored sales training

  • Hands on and face to face sales training seems to be something of the past these days for businesses. Sure you can do “online training” but that will not have the same effect or outcomes as your staff being taught directly.

  • Justin is passionate about sales and due to his history, selling is something he knows a lot about and loves.

  • Justin delivers a sales training program called “The Cycle Of A Sale” where he teaches staff how to understand where the customer is within the sales process which in turn allows them to close the sale quicker, enhances repeat business and increases referrals by your customers.

To book or find out more information on any of the packages above, simply fill out the form below.

Thanks for your enquiry. Someone will be in touch with you soon.

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