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To purchase a Why Leave Town Gift Card from any of our programs, simply select the town for the card you would like to purchase from the options below.  You will then be prompted to select card value, card hanger design and the quantity that you would like to purchase…

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Common Questions Regarding Our Community Gift Card Program

Why Leave Town (WLT) is a small business who partners with local government councils and business chambers around Australia. Through this connection, Why Leave Town provides everything involved to run and maintain a community gift card program, where loaded funds can only be spent in the nominated region.

We provide our partners with everything needed to run a successful local gift card program. We offer: 

  • Design, production and distribution of a bespoke ‘Shop Local’ eftpos branded gift card
  • A full subscription to our service, which includes business hours’ support for our partners, participating retailers and cardholders
  • Relevant materials and activation assistance, to ensure all participating stores are ready to sell and accept the local gift card 
  • Detailed reporting on the funds loaded and redeemed in the gift card program
  • Full access to our website, for the use of partners, businesses and cardholders 

Cardholder FAQs

Buying a Local Gift Card

See our ‘Participating Stores’ page to locate community gift card programs around Australia. Each page contains a list of participating stores. On this page you can filter where to ‘buy’ and ‘spend’ a card.

Our local gift cards are available to purchase online: 

  • 1-5 Cards, click HERE
  • 6+ Cards, click our ‘Bulk Order Form’ HERE

Absolutely. Why Leave Town has many corporate businesses who support their communities by purchasing local gift cards for incentives, rewards and end of year gifts. 

If you’re after more than 5 gift cards, please click on the link below. Once you have filled out the form, an invoice will be emailed for payment and the cards will be dispatched to your nominated address. 

  • 1-5 Cards, click HERE. 
  • 6+ Cards, click our ‘Bulk Order Form’ HERE. 

Each gift card can be loaded with as little as $10 to as much as $1,000

Yes. In line with government legislative requirements, all gift cards carry a three year expiry from the time of purchase online or in-store.

Redeeming Gift Cards

Each program’s local gift card can only be spent in participating stores. To find your local gift card and participating retailers, click HERE. 

No. WLT local gift cards are single load only, but can be used multiple times until the balance is zero.

Yes, some restrictions apply. You cannot: 

  • Tender the card for cash (ATMs) 
  • Use online 
  • Purchase some products and services in stores. 

Check our Gift Card Terms of Use for a complete list of product and service exclusions.

All WLT local gift cards must be redeemed in store with a participating retailer. At the time of payment, you must swipe the local gift card through the retailer’s eftpos terminal. Select ‘SAVINGS’ and enter the 4-digit PIN located on the back of the gift card.

If the participating retailer allows it, you can split the payment (i.e if something costs $50, and the gift card balance is $20, you can pay $20 with your gift card, and pay the remaining $30 with cash or another card).

Gift Card Balance

Yes. Follow this link to check your gift card balance. Make sure you have the card number and PIN handy.

Lost Cards

Your gift card is just like cash and you are responsible for keeping it safe at all times. We encourage cardholders to register their gift card. In the event of a lost card, we can then issue a replacement. However, cards must be registered in order for a replacement to be issued.

To purchase a Why Leave Town Gift Card from any of our programs, simply select the town of the card you would like to purchase from the options below.  You will then be prompted to select what card value, card hanger design and the quantity that you would like to purchase.

Payment online only available via Stripe.

If you have larger orders of 6 OR MORE CARDS, please use our BULK CARD ORDER FORM.

Most online purchases will take 5 working days to be delivered from the time payment is made.

However, due to Covid-19 we have founds that Australia Post delivery times can be variable…sometimes taking a few days or up to 2 weeks.  So please be patient during this time. If your card hasn’t been delivered within 2 weeks please contact us so we can chase this up for you.

Based on Australia Post recommendations, to ensure that your cards are delivered before Christmas, orders should be placed by 15 December.  Orders placed after this date will still be processed and usually sent out on the same day so as to give them the best chance of being delivered before Christmas, however we cannot guarantee their arrival by Christmas.

Make sure you also check out some of the other great shop local resources we have available in our store.


Why Leave Town are offering people the opportunity to purchase gift cards that will be given to those in need due to drought, bush fires, COVID related hardship, and floods across Australia.  Cards can be purchased below, and will then be sent to local organisations (i.e. council, Lions, Rotary, etc) in the town you have selected and they will distribute this to someone in need.

To see what communities are involved and a list of organisations distributing these donations, click on the donation card below.

Please note that Why Leave Town is not a charity, and therefore we cannot provide tax receipts for this gift.  We are just providing a channel for people to give to Australians currently doing it tough.