That Fundraising Card

Looking for a new fundraising idea? Something a bit different that will help your organisation – and that will also help your local community? 


Well, Why Leave Town Promotions has it! 

WLT Promotions would like to introduce you to That Fundraising Card. This fundraising idea is set to promote and raise money for your organisation, as well as assist the local community you operate in by encouraging people to shop local.

The fundraiser works by selling gift cards to your members, friends, family or community members – pretty much anyone that will be spending money locally in the next 12 months!  However, if you 'sell' someone a $200 gift card, they pay you $200 but then get a gift card to the value of $ it hasn't actually cost them anything.

Businesses in your community pay you to be a part of the fundraiser.  That Fundraising Cards can only be redeemed at the businesses that are sponsoring your fundraiser. This guarantees that the funds loaded to the Gift Cards remains local and can go directly back to your sponsors.

This means that businesses get a direct and measurable return on their sponsorship, the community can help your organisation without it costing them anything, and you generate some much needed funds....i.e. everyone benefits!!

The actual dollar amounts can be determined by you, however here is an example to help you see how everyone can benefit:

1. 'Sell' 100 gift cards each valued at $200 (but the only cost to the buyer is that they have to shop locally). This creates a pool of $20,000.

2. Sign up 20 sponsoring business at a cost of $326 each.  This means that your fundraising revenue is 20 x $326 = $6,520

3. After paying for the program and other incidentals (e.g. any advertising, posters, etc), you fundraising profit will be approximately $4,500!


4. On average, each of you sponsoring business will receive $20,000 / 20 = $1,000  


* Profit figures for this example reflect the Profit that can be made if the products are sold at the Recommended Retail Prices as per each fundraising package instructions.  Prices sourced from fundraising websites in January 2017. 

For your full That Fundraising Card information pack, please call Ashley at Why Leave Town Promotions on 0407 200 240, or complete the following Expression of Interest form to be sent directly to Natasha. Please make sure you complete ALL fields below, and mention "That Fundraising Card" as the Subject.

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