Do Yourself A Favour

Put your community's BEST FOOT FORWARD by telling tourists to "DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR" by making their next stop in YOUR TOWN to check out all the BEST BITS of what your town can offer. 

Do Yourself a Favour is a smart phone App powered by Why Leave Town Promotions that is aimed at helping towns and regions showcase themselves to passing tourists.  It will encourage more people to stop in your town when they are travelling, and because we are focusing on the best parts of what your towns has to offer, it will hopefully also lead to repeat visits and positive word of mouth.

This is NOT another business listing app though.  When a user is passing through your town they are presented with a series of short headlines selling the products and services of local businesses.  For example, rather just saying "Bob's Burger Shop" the headline might read "Fresh, homemade burgers with secret family sauce".  Travellers can then click on the headline to get more information about that business including contact details, how far it is away from their current location, directions, open hours etc. 

Do Yourself a Favour is open to all businesses across Australia.  Global domination to come some time in the future.

If you are a business and would like to be involved costs are $75 (ex GST) per annum, or $150 (ex GST) for 3 years. This will get your business 1 headline as well as your own page where you can put all your details.  Additional headlines can be purchased for $50 (ex GST) per annum.  To sign up to the program just click below.

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